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This was also a concept used in the novel 2061 odyssey three by arthur c clark though his station wrapped all the way around earth and were kept in place by the space elevators.

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Defend the planet from attacking robots and win tokens along the way in scifi slots find out if ugo girl can defend the planet in scifi slots a free online slots game from pogocom help this dynamic duo save the planet from attacking robots by lining up the correct symbols to make a winning combination in this story driven game.

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We write things that will inspire and encourage other scifi writers if youve got some good ideas to share or would like to write an article about the aliens or planets youve used in your own stories let us know.

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syfy formerly scifi channel and scifi currently stylized as syfy is an american basic cable and satellite television channel that is owned by the nbcuniversal cable entertainment group division of nbcuniversal a subsidiary of comcast the channel features science fiction fantasy horror supernatural paranormal drama and reality.

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science fiction often shortened to scifi or sf is a genre of speculative fiction typically dealing with imaginative concepts such as advanced science and technology space exploration time travel and extraterrestrial life.

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Jason write had always felt an empathy for the outer platforms there was something about the way they hung alone in space claimed by neither planet nor star.

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It may sound like these science fiction contraptions that would show up in a futuristic film but these weapons are now making their way to the battlefield.

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